6 Sites for Free 3D Models

By Melanie Slaugh

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If you are a fan of Open Wonderland, then you know how helpful it is to start your world building project with existing 3D models. Since Open Wonderland uses 3D models in .kmz (Google Earth) or .dae (COLLADA) formats, compatible file downloads can be difficult to find, especially ones you don’t have to shell out big bucks for.

Most Open Wonderland users are familiar with the Google 3D Warehouse, but there are other sites that also offer 3D models for free.

Open Wonderland scene with objects from 4 sites.

Open Wonderland scene with objects from 4 sites.

For example, in the image above, the Japanese Vase comes from the Google 3D Warehouse, the Miss Lacy Chairs from 3DVia, the Couch from OurBricks and the Tennis Racket from TurboSquid.

Some of the sites have more variety than others, and some of the sites have some great models, but not in compatible formats. For those, you can often use the models if you can convert them. For educators, Autodesk makes all of their 3D modeling tools available for free from their Autodesk Education Community site, so even if you don’t know how to use those tools, it’s not too difficult to learn enough to convert from one file format to another. When browsing these sites, keep in mind that for a real-time environment like Open Wonderland, you will get the best performance with models under 2MB.

  1. Google 3D Warehouse – The accompanying website for Google SketchUp where modelers can upload, download and share three dimensional models. When you have access to this, you have access to tons of free 3D models.
  2. OurBricks – This is a small but growing site with almost all models in COLLADA format. One unique feature of this site is that it supports animated COLLADA models, some of which work well in Wonderland.
  3. TheFree3DModels–This site offers a variety of free 3D models in various formats. You can’t use the search box to find ones that are compatible with Wonderland. They are out there, however. You’ll have to scroll through the listing to find them, though all models are clearly labeled with file types, which helps.
  4. 3DVia–This site requires you to sign up, but it is still free. You can download various 3D models, made by people like you. You can also upload your models, so that you can access them anywhere and share them with others. It is super easy to search by file type, which is a huge plus! They also have a very large selection to choose from.
  5. TurboSquid–This site has 3D models you have to pay for plus free ones. The search for free brings up over 7800 results, so the selection is good. Finding compatible formats is a little harder. There is no good search for them, so you will just have to look manually. The format types are listed in the thumbnails, however. If you do opt to pay for a model, TurboSquid will convert the model to .dae for no extra charge.
  6. Exchange3D–This site is also a mix of free and pay 3D models. The bad thing is that you can’t search for just the free ones. You have to hunt them down. The good thing is that you can search for the format types. At least it is some help.

No matter what type of 3D model you are looking for, someone out there has probably made it. Save time and energy by taking a few minutes to search these six websites. Maybe you can find a free model to use. If not, remember to share your creations with the world, and help out other fans of Open Wonderland.

You can contact Melanie at slaugh.slaugh907 @ gmail.com.


11 Responses to 6 Sites for Free 3D Models

  1. 3DVIA says:

    Thank you very much for featuring 3DVIA in your article!

  2. theCADcube says:

    Check out theCADcube for free 3D models of manufacturers products, such as furniture, lighting and building components.

    • A representative from theCADcube informed me that SketchUp (.skp) models are one of 5 formats they encourage manufacturers to upload. The other formats are .dwg, .3ds, .max, .obj. The site will also soon support the ability to search by file type.

  3. kushal786 says:

    hello friends you can download cool ILM level quality work of 3d models at these link


  4. […] 6 Sites for Free 3D Models […]

  5. Arias says:

    Thanks for your listing. Another awesome website for download free 3d models: http://open3dmodel.com

  6. Mercapo says:

    Awesome list !!! Try also http://www.3dfmodels.com/, there are very good free models with a high quality.

  7. Yobi3D says:

    Yobi3D is a 3D model search engine with 3D previews. Check it out!


    • CMaxo says:

      Yobi3D was good on launch, now it’s pretty much useless as it doesn’t update it list which make around 60% of its “database” obsolete. To put it simple, you search on it and there are a HIGH chance that the model shown are not available anymore on the source link(s). That’s how bad it has become.

      You could see this now as a 3D model showcase with no much of a download function nor actual credits.

  8. Vasily says:

    3D Model Database.

    http://3dmdb.com – 3d model search.

    First 3d search engine, created for VFX, Archviz and Animation industry.

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