NSF Funds Wonderland ESL Project at STCC

By Nicole Yankelovich

As I announced at the recent European Immersive Education Summit, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a grant to Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) to create an immersive environment for teaching English as a Second Language. You can read more about the project in these two press releases:

STCC Press Release

WonderBuilders Press Release

The project is currently in the design phase. One of the particularly nice aspects of this project is that it involves multiple departments at the school. I am currently working with students in the photography department coaching them on how to take and edit photographs for use in 3D modeling. In January, I will be working with graphic arts students to show them how to build models of buildings on their campus and apply the photographs as textures. In addition, I’ll be helping to train staff from various departments such as Financial Aid and Student Affairs on how to staff office hours in Wonderland so that ESL students can practice their conversational skills with actual college staff volunteers.

By the end of the project, STCC plans to have curriculum for four levels of ESL instruction in Wonderland.


2 Responses to NSF Funds Wonderland ESL Project at STCC

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