Virtual Management Cockpit

By Michel Denis
Internet 3 Solutions

Like in airplane cockpits, the management of an enterprise requires gathering the three main engines of the modern enterprise: the decision makers, the knowledge (e.g. business intelligence dashboards and applications), and the tools to start implementing the decisions and roll up the actions.

Cockpit Enterprise 3D

Cockpit Enterprise 3D, a virtual management cockpit

Talking to the top management of major French multinationals, we discovered that corporations suffer from several major problems:

  • Lack of access to the right set of business intelligence documents/data, typically decision-level dashboards, during key meetings;
  • High costs of travel (prices and time spent) for some decision makers to join physical management meetings;
  • Absence of key decision makers at some important top-level management meetings which often prevent top-level managers from making fast and quality decisions at the right time.

The solution to the above challenges was to design and implement a virtual space that allows:

  • Ubiquitous access from anywhere using an Internet / Intranet connection;
  • Inclusion of any existing business intelligence dashboards or applications;
  • Audio communication with external people.

The benefits of the resulting Open Wonderland-based Cockpit Enterprise 3D application include:

  1. Better and accelerated decisions;
  2. Better performance of management teams;
  3. Reduction in costs associated with travel and physical room equipment;
  4. Integration of existing business intelligence tools and infrastructure.

Open Wonderland key features that allowed us to design and build this functional virtual management cockpit include:

  • Ease of adding business intelligence documents, on-demand, using drag & drop;
  • Flexibility to run business intelligence applications (like JasperReports or SAP) from inside the cockpit, in shared mode;
  • Integrated telephony functionality, allowing external users to join the discussions, participate in the decisions, and … get the actions!
  • Extended security, to ensure that top level conversations are kept confidential within a secured space;
  • Tools to create “mixed reality” environments that synchronize video and audio in real time between physical meeting rooms and the virtual cockpit.

The figure below shows the high-level architecture of the virtual management cockpit:

Cockpit Enterprise 3D Architecture

Cockpit Enterprise 3D Architecture


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