Office Hours

As some of you may know, we began holding Open Wonderland “office hours” a while ago. We took a break for the summer, but office hours are returning in September. Please take a look at the Office Hours Schedule and mark the times on your calendar. I’ll be hosting the first office hours session of this “semester” today (Thursday) at 4pm US Eastern time. Those of us who volunteer to staff office hours want your company!

Here are some ways you can take advantage of office hours:

  • Request a Wonderland tour or see a demo of a new feature
  • Get help learning to build a world from scratch or modify an existing world
  • Get tips on making the best use of Google SketchUp models in Wonderland
  • Brainstorm about new module ideas
  • Get help with Wonderland system administration issues
  • Discuss technical or architectural design challenges
  • Get help with a tricky programming problem or bug

Notice on the schedule that each person who volunteers to staff office hours has indicated their areas of expertise, so take a look at that list before deciding on which office hours session to attend. Also note that different volunteers have chosen different servers for their office hours, so double-check the meeting location. Jos will even meet you on your own server, if you wish. Just contact him via IRC and provide him with the URL. He’s also happy to meet you on one of the community servers. The rest of us will be logged in to the specified community server waiting for people to come visit.

Anyone in the community is welcome to volunteer to staff office hour sessions. In particular, it would be great if someone in an Asia / Pacific timezone would volunteer. Whichever timezone you are in, drop an email to to express your interest in volunteering and someone will help you sign up.

I hope to see some of you on the Demo Server during my upcoming office hours.


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