OurBricks Integration

José DomínguezBy José Domínguez (aka Josmas Flores)
Trinity College Dublin


I have been working on a module to browse and add models from the OurBricks collection inside Open Wonderland. OurBricks is a repository of 3D models, including many free models in the COLLADA format.

As you can see in the video, the OurBricks HUD allows you to search for models and select them to be loaded directly in the world.

This is only a first prototype that will likely change to create a more responsive UI and adapt to the OurBricks API which is in active development right now.

We will need to do some work in filtering out models that are not free to use, or that are not compatible with Wonderland, but as of now, the API does not provide all the information that we need. The OurBricks guys are working on it, so a new version should be available soon and we can finally add the OurBricks module to the Wonderland Module Warehouse.

In the meantime, if you want to play with the module you can find the source here: https://github.com/josmas/OWL_OurBricks

You can also follow progress on this project on my blog:


One Response to OurBricks Integration

  1. Salvador Romero says:

    That’s very cool, keep up with the great work! :-)

    Also, this walking kid remind me this walking robot that was in the Wonderland v0.4 default world. I run some test back then with some friends, and ever since then, they ask me about the ‘transformer’ every time we meet. Now, I can easily make an army for them! :-)

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