EZMove Progress Report

Following up on Jonathan’s June 7th post Top ideas for the next Wonderland Wednesday project, I wanted to let everyone know that we selected the EZMove project. The idea behind EZMove is to provide end-users with an easy way to move objects around. The current scheme requires right-clicking on an object, selecting edit from the menu, and then using the movement tools. With EZMove, users will be able to simply hold down the Alt key and drag an object to move it. Once that’s working, a variety of other movement options will be added, such as letting you move an object closer or farther away by using the mouse wheel or letting you rotate the object using the arrow keys.

With only one design session and four coding sessions so far, the Wonderland Wednesday participants have made excellent progress. We were even able to test some code this past week. Here’s a short video clip I captured during the test to show you how the project is coming along.

While moving worked quite well at the origin of the world, it worked less well in other locations. If we tried dragging an object in the Dev Zone, more than a thousand meters from the origin, the object would jump before tracking the mouse. The majority of this last coding session was spent figuring out that problem. We’ll test it the fix this coming Wednesday to see if the problem has been resolved. If so, the group will tackle one of the other types of movement next.

If you would like to attend one of these Wonderland Wednesday coding sessions, please drop by. The announcements are always posted on the Open Wonderland Facebook events page. Everyone is welcome. It’s an opportunity to see real work getting accomplished in the virtual world and it’s fun to help test the new code even if you are not able to contribute to the software development.


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