Composing Music with JFugue Editor Module

By Hans Beemsterboer

Five years ago, I was looking for a tool to compose music online. All music tools seemed to be only available in standalone versions. Therefore, I started to develop a web application for online music composition. For this purpose, the JFugue library, was perfectly suitable. I’ve called the resulting web application Jammidi.

One thing that is still missing in the Jammidi website is a voice- and text-chat possibility. When I read that the piano module, contributed to OWL last year, is using JFugue, I started to think of composing music within OWL. Then, all collaborative power of OWL can be used for composing music. This idea resulted in the JFugue Editor module. This first version of the JFugue Editor integrates two open source projects: JFugue and OWL.

As hinted at in the video, it would be nice in the future to also integrate with the LilyPond project. Then, besides composing music online, the JFugue Editor could also be used for teaching music online.


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