Next Wonderland Wednesday Project

It happened without any fanfare, but the Wonderland Wednesday “Subsnapshot” project has been completed!

Test of subsnapshot "export" command

Test of subsnapshot "export" command.

As soon as the module is added to the Module Warehouse, I’ll post more details on how to use the new feature. In the mean time, please join us for tomorrow’s Wonderland Wednesday session to help decide on the next group project:

Wonderland Wednesday New Project Idea Session

Even if you are not a developer, we would value your input in terms of ranking the many great ideas that are currently under consideration. In last week’s meeting, we started the process of reviewing possible project ideas. Using Bob Potter’s Card Wall application, we started reviewing and annotating potential project ideas.

Annotating and organizing project ideas on a card wall.

Annotating and organizing project ideas on a card wall.

You can see these ideas in text format on the Community Wiki.  In tomorrow’s session, we will finishing going through the ideas with the goal of prioritizing them and hopefully deciding on one to pursue.


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  1. […] ago in his blog post “Wonderland Wednesdays Subsnapshot Project.” As I reported in the Next Wonderland Wednesday Project post, we officially concluded the project at the end of May, but it has taken some time to finish […]

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