Two new Admin modules

The development of the Web-based poster module that I described in an earlier blog posting led me to consider what other kinds of cells would benefit from a similar approach.

One of the guiding principles of the MiRTLE project is that the technology does not interfere with existing teaching practice, and thus requires no additional skills of the teacher. I’ve been working with my colleagues in Virtual Learning Labs to create a pre-packaged version of MiRTLE that “just works” — with no interaction from the teacher. The MiRTLE installation consists of virtual teaching rooms each of which contain a TightVNC Viewer cell (to render the teacher’s PC into the world) and a Webcam Viewer cell (to render a view of the classroom into the world). Given that the settings for these cells are dependent on the institution in which MiRTLE is installed, we needed a way to manage them without end-user interaction: hence the creation of two new modules for use by a systems administrator — one to configure the settings of TightVNC Viewer cells and the other to configure the settings of Webcam Viewer cells.

The code for both modules is in the “unstable” directory of the wonderland-modules SVN repository and the binaries are now in the module warehouse (note that each requires its respective pre-requisite module before installing into a Wonderland server).

Screenshots of the web pages of the two modules are shown below:

Web page showing TightVNC Viewers

Web page showing Webcam viewers


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