Talk Slides Available from VWBPE Conference

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference wrapped up today. As mentioned last week, there were four Open Wonderland talks. The talks took place in Second Life, which meant we had an international audience of educators and others interested in applying virtual worlds to education. I have made two of the slide sets available on SlideShare for those who would like a copy:

Thanks to all the presenters for contributing to a good showing for Open Wonderland! To learn more about Open Wonderland, sign up for one of our upcoming workshops.

Screenshots from the Event

Roland Sassen's talk on WonderSchool

"WonderSchool" by Roland Sassen

Open Wonderland Preview 5

"Using Open Wonderland Preview 5 in Education" by Nicole Yankelovich and Jonathan Kaplan

P2PU Open Wonderland course

"P2PU + Open Wonderland = Learning virtual worlds development with and from each other" by José Domínguez

SubSnapshots Project

"Learning to Program Collaboratively in Open Wonderland" by Jonathan Kaplan, Nicole Yankelovich, Kathryn Aten, Nina Nussbaum-Jones, and Maggie Leber

Open Wonderland T-Shirt

You  may have noticed that many of us are sporting nice Open Wonderland t-shirts. Maggie Leber, known as “Maggie Darwin” in Second Life, kindly created these for us as well as provided technical support and a place for us to stage our slides and rehearse together. If you frequent Second Life, and would like an Open Wonderland t-shirt, please contact Maggie.

Maggie Darwin wearing Open Wonderland t-shirt

Maggie Darwin wearing an Open Wonderland t-shirt


2 Responses to Talk Slides Available from VWBPE Conference

  1. MaggieL says:

    “Does this t-shirt make me look fat?” :-)

    Better pic here:

  2. Jos says:

    I was asked for mine too so I attached them to the slides thread in the forums.

    You can find them here:

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