First P2PU Open Wonderland Class

Two weeks ago José Domínguez (aka Josmas Flores) announced an Open Wonderland course that he organized for Peer to Peer University (P2PU). He anticipated only 5 students, but ended up with at least 13, with several others auditing the course. The class met as a group for the first time today.

First P2PU class

First P2PU Open Wonderland class

This meeting was primarily an organizational meeting, with the real work getting underway next week as the class participants show off their “shape cells” created by following the steps in the “Developing a New Cell” tutorial.

One of the great things about this course is that all the content is freely available to anyone, including the course forum. Refer to the course home page for more information. In addition, a requirement of the course is that all enrolled participants blog about their experience. In the first session today, José shared a link to a web page that aggregates all the student blogs.

From skimming the blog posts, I got a sense of who was taking the class. It’s quite a diverse group. There are a few Open Wonderland community regulars, including Nina, a developer and virtual world evangelist from Lockheed Martin; Michel, a French entrepreneur running a business based on Open Wonderland, and Morris, a retired programmer who is doing Open Wonderland development for the fun of it. Others in the course include students from University of Essex in the UK, University of Lyon in France, University of Missouri in the States, Siena University in New York, and Karunya University in Coimbatore. There’s also a developer who works on the TEALSim project at MIT, an architect (of buildings and software), and a gentleman from Wells Fargo.

José said to encourage anyone who wishes to follow along to monitor the course forum, read the student blogs, and try out the assignments.


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