Code contributions

New Gesture HUD

Cheering for the new gesture HUD

After a week on vacation, I was excited to find an unexpected holiday gift in my inbox: code contributions.

From fixes for typos in the web UI, to animation updates, voice bridge updates, and even a whole new gesture HUD (!), my inbox was brimming with patches.

I’ve tried to acknowledge contributions in the various change logs (which you can find here, here and here), but I wanted to say a more public “thank you!” to all the contributors.

I would also like to add a word of encouragement to people who have already made changes to Open Wonderland code: please send us your patches! Whether they are simple or complicated, related to the core or to modules, we would all love to see the results of your hard work.

If you have a change you would like to contribute, I recommend you file a request for enhancement in the issue tracker, and attach your patch there to make it available to everyone. This will also allow the module owners to review the patch for inclusion in the Wonderland trunk (we just ask you to sign our contributor agreement).

Happy patching!

Jonathan Kaplan, Open Wonderland Architect


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