Default World Walkthrough

We’re going to try something a bit different in tomorrow’s Wonderland Wednesday session at 1pm Eastern time:

Wonderland Wednesday: Introducing New Starter Worlds

In the upcoming release of Wonderland, we will be including a set of “starter worlds” for people. In order to help people get the best use of these worlds, in tomorrow’s session, we will be doing a walk-through of the worlds and brainstorming about the best use cases for each one. Then the plan is to “stage” one or two of those scenarios in each world and capture screenshots and short video clips. We will then compile the images and video into documentation that describes how to use the starter worlds.

This session will also act as a test of some of the new functionality and bug fixes going into the release. Please note that the session will be held on the community demo server, not our regular Wonderland Wednesday meeting server.

If you would like to join us, please follow the link above to the event listing on our Facebook page for more details.


One Response to Default World Walkthrough

  1. Notes from the session as well as screenshots of the default worlds can be found on the Community Wiki

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