Amphisoft Training and Education Projects

Today’s guest blogger is Pradeep Duraisamy. Pradeep completed his B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology) in 2006 and currently works as a Project Associate in a service-based organization. He has 4+ years of work experience in Java, Java EE, and open-source frameworks like struts, springs, and hibernate. In this post, Pradeep talks about development work he performed with Amphisoft Technologies.  Thanks Pradeep!

Pradeep D

Pradeep D

“I have been associated with Amphisoft Technologies, a firm dedicated to providing educational and training services, from its earlier stage work where efforts were focused on achieving a vision of bringing high quality education to students and pioneering new pathways in education, training and other related areas.  My personal interests are in enterprise application development, identifying performance bottlenecks and solutions, SOA, enterprise application integration, ESB and Apache Hadoop.”

Amphisoft Technologies
Moodle in Open Wonderland

By Pradeep Duraisamy

Amphisoft Technologies is a private organization founded by a group of “learning” science researchers who developed a thorough understanding of academics, corporate training and technocrat pioneers in enterprise application development, open-source frameworks and tools. Amphisoft’s products are intelligent systems built on five important aspects of learning – Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Measurement, Knowledge Harvesting and Knowledge Patterns.

Clients use Amphisoft products and services to help streamline training and education, deliver quality education, yet also offer compatibility with existing tools and frameworks for a seamless, integrated user experience. We are using Open Wonderland as a platform upon which we will offer training, hold scheduled meetings and more. We are still in a preliminary state and continue to explore different types of services which we would like to offer through Wonderland. Below are some of the developments we’ve worked on so far.

Integrating Moodle with Open Wonderland

We integrated Moodle with Open Wonderland to revolutionize learning and training. Moodle is a Learning Management System that is a free web application used by many of our clients and institutions worldwide. Currently, there are over a million users registered on At first we wanted to enable Moodle users to login to Wonderland using their existing username and password. For that, we created a new authentication module which communicates with the RESTful webservice to authenticate users. The web service, in turn, authenticates the user against the username and password stored in the Moodle database. It also sends all the groups associated with the user. By using this group information, we are able to provide a new security mechanism in Wonderland.

User course selection and collaboration

Our Wonderland server contains many islands which are separated by a long distance. Each island is used for a given course. When a user walks onto an island, a nice capability delivered by another module is that they are able to view all the resources available in that course which displays in a separate HUD (heads up display) window. Users can select a particular resource from that list to load in-world to enable a collaborative learning experience. Users can also be easily transported from one island to another using the portal capabilities and move on to their next course.

Below is a screen shot from the course island with the resource module on the right hand side.

Amphisoft - Course inland snapshot

Course island snapshot

We are exploring many other opportunities for using virtual learning in education and training.

Improvements we would like to see in future releases of Wonderland include:

  1. Reducing the initial client startup time.
  2. A light-weight client with very minimal modules and functions. It would be nice if all the required modules or functionality in the client are configurable.
  3. Accommodation of many more live users in Wonderland.
  4. Load balancing or creation of a Wonderland server cluster for improved response times.
  5. Easy creation of a custom client  (Just like subclassing a class and implementing some methods :) )

The Open Wonderland community is doing great work and the forum is very active. We received a lot of support from the community when we faced difficulties while developing our modules. We are very thankful to all the people involved in the community who keep moving the project along even after the company withdrew sponsorship.


4 Responses to Amphisoft Training and Education Projects

  1. Matthew Schmidt says:

    This is very cool work!

    Pradeep, does your resource module fetch its contents from Moodle?

    • Pradeep says:

      Yes, depending upon the user location i.e in which island he/she is. all the PDF and images resources for that particular course gets loaded.

  2. Nigel Wynne says:

    Hi Pradeep,
    Congrats on the really interesting work you are doing. We have been using MOODLE for about 5 or 6 years at my Uni and integration of OWl with MOODLE is something that I would be really keen to see. Reading between the lines, at the moment, is integration limited to PDF and Image resources? Or if we converted word to open office would these resources appear and or would/could MOODLE web resources appear in an in world browswer. Are in-world interactions with MOODLE resources recorded by MOODLE? Is it or would it ever be possible to upload to MOODLE from OWL?

    Sorry for the questions just really excited by your work:)!


    • Pradeep says:

      Yes we can log all the activities or user interaction with the resources can be recored. For opening open office files we need to configure X11 application in the wonderland server, through that we can open the document.

      We are in primarily stage so its limited to pdf and image resource.

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