Wonderland newcomer … Elizabeth Kim

elizabeth kim

Elizabeth Kim

Hi,  I’m Elizabeth.  Nicole asked that I introduce myself to the Wonderland community.  I am a colleague of Nicole from the old Sun Microsystem days and came most recently from the Internet Services group where I was a Program Manager and also supported the Chief of Staff.

I’ll be helping with blog posts and in other places were I can bring value. Be forewarned that I am a non-technical person.  I don’t code, — worked with many that did,  but can do very limited html and any hint of my programming days are long gone dating back to Unix 4.2 (Berkeley) and Pascal (ouch!).

I’m really excited about joining the Wonderland Community.   I plan to build a classroom in my first World.  I may be pinging some of you for advice, – this user experience is so different from what I am accustomed to working with (flat webpages) and I haven’t really played a lot of WoW.  Back to the ‘excited’ part of this, — Wonderland is fantastic!!!   I keep telling my kids that what I am working on is sort of like the ‘Avatar‘ film, but you don’t have to lie down in some closed capsule and you don’t die if your avatar dies (of course this version is a bit less cinematic and much more functional).  They thought that was cool.   I hope to share my experiences from a ‘non-technical’ standpoint, infuse some excitement and enthusiasm through the social networking channels, and really reach out to my extended community so they can begin building their worlds.

See you out there in Wonderland  ;-)


6 Responses to Wonderland newcomer … Elizabeth Kim

  1. MaggieL says:

    Welcome aboard, Elizabeth! Feel free to ping me on tech stuff…I’m best for stuff that’s too tech for Nicole but not tech enough for Jon. :-)

  2. elizabethskim says:

    Thanks! I’ll definitely take you up on that -)

  3. charlie wan says:

    I’m new to Wonderland too! Looking forward to share exciting experience with all of you.

  4. elizabethskim says:

    Great to know I’m not alone in being new. Welcome!

    I definitely would love to hear what you are working on when you are ready and about your user experience.

    Thanks for reaching out -)

  5. Nigel Wynne says:

    What a lovely post! Welcome to Wonderland Elizabeth!


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