Pôle Numérique Project

In today’s guest blog post, French entrepreneur Michel Denis shares some information about his current project with information and communication technology provider, Pôle Numérique.

By Michel DENIS
Internet 3 Solutions

In front of the landing place, is the Welcome Hall, from which a number of doors (portals) let people go directly to their destination room

During the last 6 months we (Internet 3 Solutions) have been delivering an Open Wonderland virtual world project with “Pôle Numérique de la Drôme,” the public actor in France responsible for promoting advanced IT to its 100,000 inhabitants, mostly in rural territories, with a focus on: enterprises, collectivities and people. You can learn more about the company here: Pôle Numérique (French site); Pôle Numérique (English site).

After a number of phases (experiment, pilot, and production), the virtual world is now fully in place and functional. It is currently in use by a number of actors from the territory. Soon it will host distant activities from the key actors of “Drôme”, such as: the Pôle Numérique itself, public internet offices’ coordinators, Chamber of Commerce (CCI), Chamber of Artisants (CMA), the Main City’s governance (Valence Agglo, aka Valence Major), Kasciopé (Scientific Expo/Museum), the territory’s overall governance (Conseil Général).

Types of virtual world activities include remote:

  • internal meetings
  • training sessions
  • expos and museum exhibits
  • online collaboration
  • and more

The virtual space is structured with a main campus at the starting location and a set of sub-worlds with portals between the places.

When landing, visitors can browse through orientation slideshows, using the PDF Viewer, to get used to Open Wonderland

An Exposition room with some nice places from the country's main town (Valence, in county Drôme)

One of the meeting rooms for a closed users group

The 3D modeling tool use for the project is Google SketchUp, with the re-use of some Google 3D Warehouse objects modified significantly to adapt them to the purpose of the project as well as to the real-time requirements of 3D rendering in Open Wonderland.



7 Responses to Pôle Numérique Project

  1. Nigel says:

    This looks beautiful. How are you getting on with people accessing the world and communicating via VoIP?

    Can I ask what the total mem usage of your world is in an attempt to try and benchmark our own?


  2. Michel DENIS says:

    It runs on Ubuntu 9.04, and (at this point in time) a Wonderland trunk of March or April. The server is a Dell quad-core. The server is on the internet, more or less directly plugged onto a fiber. People (some of them are very remote in the mountains) are connecting to the server through various types of remote internet connections, down to ADSL 512k & WiFi for some of them; Windows clients appear to be best for client machines (optimized graphics drivers, and easier audio setup).

    VoIP is working well for the users. The only issue we have today is due to a too restricted firewall setup for one of the users.

    I don’t remember the mem usage .. will check.


  3. Nigel says:

    Thanks Denis,
    That’s really encouraging. One of the issues we haven’t really tested is access to our worlds from outside of our campus, need to do more of this. Have just run some tests using the main world – sub world design. This seems to be really valuable in scaling up OWL usage without undermining performance. Have you run across any memory management issues. e.g. when a client entered the initial world site, when to a sub world and came back to the initial site the memory usage for OWL jumped significantly. Would be interested to know if you have seen this. Will post some reports to the forum next week.

    Well done again, really impresive stuff.


  4. Michel DENIS says:


    Problems were all resolved. Everything smooth in the world. Customer is happy.

    The only problem that might be unresolved (I suppose) is that sometimes when a user inserts a PDF object, then that object is not visible by some other users. But remember that their current version of OWL is about 6 months old now. I plan to upgrade their platform in the coming weeks, because of optimizations and bugs solved since that time.

    Interesting to note that their OWL is running during weeks and weeks without any need to restart anything .. except purging logs!


  5. Neil Rerup says:

    Hey Michel,

    Is is possible to visit the site, I’d like to walk through it to see what the experience is? If so, what’s the URL or do we need to set up an account?


  6. Michel DENIS says:

    Hi Neil,

    It is on the internet but only using the OWL database for authentication– unfortunately no Invitee permitted off-the-shelf .. yet.

    You might want to contact: Bruno Thuillier: bthuillier@pole-numerique.fr


  7. Illimité says:


    […]Pôle Numérique Project « Wonderblog[…]…

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