Once again University of Alberta Professor Eleni Stroulia, whose students created the Bicycle Game for children with cerebral palsy, reports on an interesting student project:

Several types of 3D software visualizations have been developed to communicate information about the products and the development process of software projects. These visualizations have been limited in the degree of interactivity they enabled (primarily panning and zooming) and in their accessibility (since in most cases they assumed a particular client platform). We recently developed in Open Wonderland WikiDev3D, a 3D visualization of the data collected and extracted in our collaborative software-development platform WikiDev2.0 (see description at


The visualization adopts a city metaphor, similar to earlier work, but advances the state of the art by providing a web-accessible distributed 3D environment where multiple users can explore the same project. A video demo of the tool can be found at

This is collaborative work by graduate students Marios Fokaefs and Diego Serrano, who are members of the “Service Systems Management” research group at the University of Alberta. For any questions, please contact the team leader, Prof. Eleni Stroulia (


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