Immersive Education Boston Summit

Nicole speaking at the Immersive Education Summit in BostonI gave a rare in-person talk yesterday at the Immersive Education Boston Summit. Robin Heyden wrote up the first day of the conference, including a detailed summary of my talk in her blog article Immersive Education Summit (Day 1). My favorite part of the talk was the Q & A session where members of the audience chimed in to answer many of the questions asked. It’s exciting to have so many members of the Wonderland community gathered here.

Tonight we’ll be having our first face-to-face Open Wonderland Foundation board of directors meeting. And tomorrow I’ll be doing an extended demo and Wonderland World Building workshop as well as participating on a Future of Immersive Education panel.

If you’re interested in hearing what’s going on live at the conference, follow the Twitter hashtag #iED.


One Response to Immersive Education Boston Summit

  1. rheyden says:

    Thanks for the pingback, Nicole. I thought you did a fantastic job of explaining and positioning Wonderland.

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