Wonderland Bicycle Game

An undergraduate student team at the Computing Science Department of the University of Alberta just developed a game in Wonderland to help with the rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy.

Bicycle-controlled game
Screenshot from bicycle-controlled game

They have instrumented a special bicycle with SunSPOTs to control a collection game in Wonderland.

Bicycle instrumented with SunSPOT and Wii Remote

Bicycle instrumented with a SunSPOT and a Wii Remote

Bike controls avatar in the game

Pedalling the bike moves the avatar forward. Turning the handle bars with the Wiimote steers the avatar.

You can see a video of their demo at http://ssrg.cs.ualberta.ca/index.php/SunSPOTs-in-WL.

This is part of the SmartCondo project, an interdisciplinary project among Computing Science, Rehabilitation Medicine, Industrial Arts and Design and Pharmacy at the University of Alberta and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

For any questions, please contact the team leader, Eleni Stroulia (stroulia@ualberta.ca).


3 Responses to Wonderland Bicycle Game

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  2. fengrun says:

    Wow this is really cool!

  3. […] Once again University of Alberta Professor Eleni Stroulia, whose students created the Bicycle Game for children with cerebral palsy, reports on an interesting student […]

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