Upcoming Springtime Wonderland Events

I realized after I gave a talk in the Smarter Technology series, that I should have blogged about it ahead of time so people who were interested could sign up to attend. So in an effort to tell you about things before they happen, here are some upcoming Wonderland-related events:

Wonderland Wednesday – Drag and Drop Applications
April 14, 2010 – developer-focused session
Wonderland Community Server

Immersive Education Boston Summit
April 23-25 at Boston College, Boston, MA USA
Multiple Wonderland talks, including my keynote on the 23rd

MetaMeets 2010
May 7-8 in Dublin, Ireland
I’ll be doing a remote talk – schedule TBD

I would be particularly happy to see as many of you as possible at the Immersive Education Summit in Boston. Not only will I be there in person, but almost the entire Open Wonderland Foundation board of directors will be attending. The program is filled with Wonderland-related content. In addition to my keynote talk, Professor John Belcher from MIT will be talking about his use of Wonderland in physics education, Michael Gardner will be giving a talk on three Wonderland projects that he’s involved with at the University of Essex (MiRTLE, SIMiLLE and +Spaces), and a student from Aizu University in Japan will be describing his work on a new music browser for Wonderland. I’m particularly interested in learning more about the work going on at the IAVANTE Foundation on immersive medical training. Finally, there will be “Wonderland Behind the Firewall” workshop.

If you are able to attend the MetaMeets conference in Dublin, please let me know. I’m looking for someone to help “drive” Wonderland during my talk.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, either in person or in Wonderland, in the coming months.


One Response to Upcoming Springtime Wonderland Events

  1. My MetaMeets presentation will be on Saturday, May 8th at 9am EST. I’ll be presenting in Wonderland and community member “Josmas Flores” from Trinity College has graciously volunteered to help run the demo at the conference in Dublin.

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