Wonderland Wednesday jME Briefing

After two successful developer-focused sessions, the group has decided to settle on a regular meeting time on Wednesdays due to the much larger turnout on that day. We are thrilled to announce that the entire jMonkeyEngine core team has agreed to attend this week’s session to give us a briefing:

JMonkeyEngine (jME) Briefing

3:15 PT / 6:15 ET, Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Leader: jME core team
Location: Community Server
irc://irc.freenode.net #wonderland

For those who may not know, jME is the graphics sub-system that Wonderland uses. It is a modern 3D game engine written entirely in Java. jME provides core graphics APIs, including graphics primitive and shader support. The Wonderland graphics system is based on these core APIs, with some extensions from MTGame to support multi-threading.

Diagram showing Wonderland architecture and APIs

Wonderland APIs - the diagram shows where jMonkeyEngine fits into the Wonderland client architecture.

Please put Wonderland Wednesdays on your calendar and plan to join us for one or more of these developer-oriented technical sessions. One of the main goals of these sessions is to help bring more developers up-to-speed on Wonderland development in an informal, highly-interactive environment. If you have ideas for future sessions, or even better, would like to volunteer to run one of these sessions, please add your ideas to the Wonderland Wednesdays Wiki and make a note if you’re willing to lead the session.


2 Responses to Wonderland Wednesday jME Briefing

  1. Leif C. says:

    When you say 3:15 PT / 6:15 ET, is that AM or PM? i live in GMT+1 not sure what the time would be here.

  2. Sorry, that should say 6:15pm PT. Here’s what that time is in other timezones:


    I”ll try to remember to post a link to this time conversion site in the future.

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