Sample Module Walkthough

Yesterday’s impromptu developer session turned out to be a lively and informative session led by Open Wonderland architect Jonathan Kaplan.
Screenshot from March 21st Open Wonderland developer meeting

Open Wonderland developer session on "Using Wonderland with NetBeans"

I captured the session on video, which I will post shortly, but I wanted to give as much advanced noticed as possible about the next developer session:

Sample Module Walk-though

3:15 PT / 6:15 ET, Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Leader: Ryan Babiuch (aka Jagwire)
Location: Community Server
irc:// #wonderland

In this informal technical session, Ryan will lead the group on a walk-through of the sample module code. You might want to browse through the code ahead of time to bring questions with you to the session.

Please make sure your Wonderland and audio setup is working before joining this session and also please join the IRC chat so we can get in touch with everyone in case of technical problems. The link above takes you to a web IRC client, but you may prefer to use a program such as Pidgen (all platforms) or Colloquy (Mac).


3 Responses to Sample Module Walkthough

  1. geon says:

    Thanks for capturing the event – looking forward to watching them and learn a bit more about open wonderland :-)

    The work for open wonderland is marvelous!

  2. Vineet says:

    Is this video posted yet? I’ve been configuring/exploring Wonderland since last weekend and am ready to delve into module creation!

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