Impromptu Open Wonderland Developer Meeting

If you follow the Open Wonderland Forum, you know that Morris Ford has been organizing bi-weekly community meetings. These meetings mainly focus on how community members can help move the project forward. In today’s meeting, one of the suggestions was to begin to hold regular in-world developer-focused sessions. Everyone was so excited about the idea, that they wanted to get started right away. So if you’re a developer and interested in the topic, please feel free to join in tomorrow:

Using Wonderland with NetBeans

11am PT / 2pm ET,  Sunday March 21, 2010
Prerequisite: Download and install NetBeans and check out Wonderland trunk
Location: Community Server
irc:// #wonderland

NetBeans running in a Wonderland world

NetBeans running in a Wonderland world

If you plan to join the session, please make sure you have a working headset and test your audio ahead of time. In addition, please join the IRC chat channel in case there are any issues connecting. While the session will be quite informal, the goal is to focus on the topic, so please troubleshoot any connection and audio problems ahead of time.

Ryan Babiuch, aka “jagwire” on the Wonderland forum, has agreed to organize future sessions. The ideas we came up with so far include:

  • A code review of an area of the code that needs work
  • Wonderland debugging strategies
  • As a group, select a bug and work through the issue

What other topics would you be interested in hearing about? Please post all ideas on the forum. If there are developer sessions you are willing to lead, please volunteer to do that as well.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Share is caring after all.

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