Module Warehouse Featured in New Wonderland Web Site

New Project Wonderland web site home pageWe are pleased to announce that we have unveiled a new Project Wonderland web site today. This web site, which you can access by navigating to, will now be the main portal for the project. Developer-focused content (e.g. wiki, forums, subversion) remains on the open source developer site, but most other content has now been migrated to the new portal. Please spend a few minutes exploring the site to see some of the new content and learn how to find the pages you depend on.

Module Warehouse

The most significant new feature is the Wonderland Module Warehouse, where you can download modules in their binary form that have been created either by the core team here at Sun or by the community. As you may know, modules (similar to “plugins” in other systems) add functionality to the core platform and can be easily installed using the Wonderland Server Admin web console.

To get to the Module Warehouse, click on the large green “Browse” button on the home page. You’ll find that the Sun Labs core team has already seeded the Warehouse with a selection of modules. We invite you, members of the community, to use the Module Warehouse to share your custom extensions to Project Wonderland with others. On the Module Warehouse page, you can browse available modules by category, search for modules using keywords, or submit your own module (complete with instructions on how to do so).

(As a note: We have compiled and tested all of the modules in the warehouse against the latest version of the software–aka the ‘trunk’. You can get the latest software in binary form from the nightly builds).

We would be happy to hear your feedback on the new site and we look forward to seeing the Module Warehouse collection grow with your contributions.


2 Responses to Module Warehouse Featured in New Wonderland Web Site

  1. Rudy de Haas says:

    I’ve been thinking about using a wonderland environment to bring together the grassroots players in a rapidly growing political party.
    We have about 14,000 members now, most have internet access promising megabit rates (and delivering in the 1E5 scale), and expect to more than double that next year.
    A key problem in selling this idea to my colleagues is the absense of a good, low hassle, demo site. What I need (and therefore you, I think, do too) is a link on the main site which, when clicked, triggers client download/install and entry into an existing, populated, wonderworld.
    What guys like me could do then would be to say "let’s try it" to a few people, have them do the click and load, and then discuss how well it works in that wonderworld.
    Right now I can’t do that without setting up the server, creating the world, and babysitting the thing myself – and that’s probably more effort than it’s worth to me.

  2. Rudy,
    We hear you! I’m completely sympathetic to the point you are making and wish we had enough resources to support a public server. Hosting and maintaining the server would be doable, but our small team simply does not have the capacity to do end-user support in addition to our already heavy load of technical support on the developer forum. Perhaps, once we are under new management, we will be able to petition for more resources to support a public server. In the mean time, feel free to contact me directly if you wish to set up a demo. Additionally, we are more than happy to provide technical support to anyone in the community who would like to put up and maintain a public-access Wonderland server.

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