Week of Code Finale

Today was our Week of Code grand finale. By 4pm, both teams had a working demo, which we showcased at the Sun Labs West monthly "Show and Tell" session. Were there bugs? Of course! Did we get everything done we had hoped? Of course not! But there were a lot of smiles at the end of the day. The general consensus was that we met or exceeded our goals of testing out the APIs, filing bugs, creating some useful new sample code, identifying areas that need documentation, and having some fun doing it all. Although both teams did have to fix some bugs in core, neither team needed to make any core changes, so that was a major triumph and the sort of validation of the APIs that we had been hoping for.

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the week, especially Bernard and Nigel, our two full-time work-from-home team members, who lead the Marble-ous and Timeliner teams. It’s a privilege to work with such a talented group of people.  Next week, when we’re less tired, we’ll post some final screen shots and a recap of the event from a technical perspective. In the mean time, please do your part to help stabalize Wonderland v0.5 by helping with testing.

Wonderland Week of Code Participants

Back: Bernard, Nigel, Miriam, Nicole, Jonathan, Joe, Deron, Kevin R, Drew
Front: Matt, Mike, Jordan, Paul, Doug, Kevin M


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