Wonderland Week of Code, Day Two

Here’s today’s report from the trenches of the Wonderland Week of Code.

The Timeline team had a productive first day, putting a framework in place for client/server communication, and figuring out how to move the avatar along a spiral.  Navigating a spiral is not only tricky without manually tacking your avatar back and forth, it can also make you dizzy. Drew is working on an alternative mechanism for moving through the space using a slider.

Tuesday’s goal was to pull together several component pieces and dynamically generate a timeline using a flickr provider of historical images tagged with dates. Joe is working on ambient audio, but the provider is still TBD.  Meanwhile, Nicole and Nigel are working out the UI design for creation, curation, and navigation:

For Team Marble-ous, the day began with a review of critical paths, resulting in some temporary abandonment of pair programming.  Doug went off to fix bugs for both teams: buffer translations in the collision system and a transparency problem loading Collada modules.  Paul continued on with the 3D track, Deron with the UI, and Bernard with multi-user issues.  Meanwhile, Jordan and Kevin carried the pair-programming flag working on kinetic energy. This is, after all, a physics teaching tool for kids.

There were still a few bugs by the 4:00 acceptance test with Mike, but he was impressed with the depth of the work accomplished on the infrastructure and confident that the team would quickly resolve the problems.  Here’s a photo from the acceptance test. Left-to-right: Deron, Mary Holzer (Sun Labs Group Marketing Manager), Kevin, Nicole, George Fahmy (interning for Mary this summer), Mike, and Bernard.  One of Mary’s many projects is producing video content for the Sun Labs website.

Finally, one of the more interesting side effects this week is the friendly rivalry that has sprung up between the two projects.  Is this a positive or negative development?  A little more time will tell.


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