Save the date! Wonderland at JavaOne

JavaOne 2009This year’s JavaOne conference is just around the corner!  Wonderland will be very well represented, with four related sessions on the program:

Creating Games with the Open-Source Multithreaded Game Engine (MTGame)
Tuesday – 3:20pm – Hall E 133

Doug and Deron will cover the details of MT-Game, the new graphics engine in Wonderland 0.5.  This session is for anyone who cares about building high-performance 3D graphics using Java.  Doug has already started building demos, and I can’t wait to see the eye candy!

A Virtual Multimedia Office
Wednesday – 1:30pm – Hall E 133

Our friends from Ericsson will be showing off some very cool features they have added to Wonderland as part of a mixed-reality office project.  They have implemented some incredible features like suport for navigating the world, hearing audio and using documents, all from a mobile phone. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m looking forward to hearing what you get when you combine Wonderland, a television and a chumby.

Fusing 3-D Java™ Technologies to Create a Mirror World
Wednesday – 2:50pm – Hall E 133

The folks at SRA have been working on building mirror worlds using Java APIs.  This talk is all about how to use real-world data into a 3D environment, a subject near and dear to the Wonderland team’s heart.

Project Wonderland: Build 3-D Virtual Worlds with Java™ Technology
Wednesday – 6:45pm – Hall E 133

Last, but certainly not least, the Wonderland BOF will be an informal tour of everything Wonderland.  We’ll keep it light with plenty of demos and special guests.  A great chance to learn about Java for virtual worlds, meet your fellow Wonderland enthusiasts, and hang out with the Wonderland team.

There you have it – practically our own track in Hall E 133. Clearly, the place to be during the conference.  Make sure to check out the special deals – including free registration – for student and educators. We hope to see you there!


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