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On the Sun Immersion Special Interest Group, Matt Schmidt from the iSocial team posted this question, which I’m sure is one that many others may have as well:

Oracle buys Sun… How does this impact Wonderland development?
Posted by Matthew Schmidt on April 20, 2009

Got the following in my inbox and read it elsewhere on the intertubes. Is anyone else curious about how this might impact Wonderland development?

We’re getting ready to move into a significant scale deployment scenario, so we’re very interested in whatever information or insight people might have.


You can read the official press release here, and lots of other information just about everywhere.

Those of us on Sun Labs Wonderland team are still absorbing the news, but let me share a few preliminary comments. First, Sun continues to be an independent company until the acquisition is finalized. The press release says: "It is anticipated to close this summer, subject to Sun stockholder approval, certain regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions." Between now and then, our team will be full steam ahead on completing Wonderland version 0.5. Nothing about this news changes our commitment and dedication to the project.

Jordan and I are in DC this week attending the 3D TLC conference (we’ll blog about that later). It is personally difficult for me to be away from the office right now. Those of us on the team outside of California gathered in Wonderland yesterday to listen to our CTO talk to employees about the news. After the meeting concluded, the California-based team members, who attended the meeting in person, joined us in-world.  We were able to quickly gather all the information we have (not much at this point), and start thinking about what this change might mean for our project. After the gathering, I realized how much it meant to me to feel like I was really "with" my teammates during a time like this, regardless of my physical location. It was a great reminder of the importance of the technology that we’re building.

Over the coming months, we will do our best to share any information we get with the Wonderland community. In the short term, we do not anticipate any changes to the Wonderland roadmap or schedule.  In the longer term, we look forward to the opportunities for Wonderland in this new environment.


2 Responses to Sun / Oracle News

  1. Morris Ford says:

    For me, as long as WL remains an ‘open’ project, it is alive and well. Any moves to close it up and make it proprietary will be the first indication of problems.
    Actually, at the moment I am more concerned about the status of Mysql and Infobright since my work has heavy involvement with those.

  2. Shawn Kendall says:

    Here’s to Oracle realizing the enormous value of Wonderland and moreover Sun Labs WRT the new organization’s future.

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