Fooling around in Project Wonderland using an iPod Touch

Research projects at Sun Labs are informally categorised in two dimensions: a project is categorised according to its relationship with Sun’s internal business units (such as server hardware, client software, developer tools); and according to its position in the development process (ranging from "Basic Research" to "Advanced Development" ).

We’ve recently completed a short project that fits into the category labelled "Preliminary Research Acquiring New Knowledge"–using Project Wonderland on an Apple iPod Touch. The video below captures the results of the project.


14 Responses to Fooling around in Project Wonderland using an iPod Touch

  1. michel says:

    Hi Bernard,
    See that’s WL .4
    Did you write anything new to get this going ?
    Can it be reused by the community ?

  2. Morris says:

    I assume that you have a jdk for the iTouch. Where did you find that? Is the code available by svn? Have you worked on a 0.5 client?

  3. Nathan says:

    Great work, guys! Can’t wait for Wonderland on the iPod Shuffle ;-)

  4. Matt Schmidt says:

    Can you provide some more details? I’m guessing that you’re not just using a VNC instance on the iPod touch.
    What might also be cool is to use the iPod not as a display but just as an input device… use it for navigation, avatar gesturing, etc.

  5. Florin van Slingerland says:

    Hi Bernard,
    If I send you my device id, could you generate a test version of your application for my iPhone, I would love to give it a try.
    Kind regards,

  6. Ryan G says:

    How does one join in the "Preliminary Research Acquiring New Knowledge".
    Have you any plans to merge your efforts with the Ministry of Silly Walks?

  7. Augusto says:

    Yeah, c’mon guys … check the date.
    Nice one :-)

  8. Mark says:

    The PRANK department is hard at work today. Great job!!

  9. Shawn Kendall says:

    This is an unfortunate prank because we SHOULD be able to do this, but in fact can not with Java and there is no DarkStar C API either for the iPhone.
    But I know one company that is really working on this…

  10. Florin van Slingerland says:

    Oh what a fool am I :-)
    Knowing all the facts about Java and iPhone and still not realizing it’s a prank.
    Apparently wishful thinking can overrule common sense.
    Great Job indeed !

  11. Mike Gialis says:

    FYI – An iPhone API for Darkstar was contributed to the community on March 17th:,com_smf/Itemid,120/topic,862.0

  12. check the date. Nice one :-)

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