Fix for 0.4 release of Wonderland

A recent update to the Java JDK (java6 update 12) has brought to light a bug in the 0.4 release of Wonderland. The bug only occurs on Microsoft Windows platforms and manifests itself as a grey rectangle in the upper left quadrant of the client window:

Grey quadrant bug

(Thanks to Ian Dunwell at the SGI for this image.)

At first we thought the problem was something to do with an incompatibility between the Java update and Java3D, causing complex issues with clipping rectangles. However, it turned out to be much more straightforward: thanks to one of our forum members–midavi10–we learned that it was the result of a leftover, unused widget in the Wonderland client.

The bug meant that Windows users who had updated their installation of Java were no longer able to use a Wonderland client. We felt that this would have such an impact that we have created new 0.4.1 release of Wonderland to correct the bug.

The Windows binary executable and Web WAR files for the 0.4.1 release are now available from the Project Wonderland Binary Downloads web page. In addition we have committed the source code change to the lg3d-wonderland CVS source code repository and tagged it with a new tag named ‘rel-0_4_1’, along with a tag of the same name in the wonderland-modules SVN repository. Finally, we have also committed the change to the CVS HEAD of the lg3d-wonderland repository.


3 Responses to Fix for 0.4 release of Wonderland

  1. Ryan G says:

    Ryan from Saint Paul College here.
    I can confirm that this update fixes the issues I’ve seen with the gray box.
    I checked out the CVS and rebuilt the server and it’s running smoothly on machines previously affected by this bug.
    This only came up for us maybe 2 weeks ago and I’m excited to see how fast a resolution came out!
    Thanks again for the hard work and I look forward to 0.5!

  2. Mark Loparco says:

    I actually had the same exact problem in Linux (Debian). A gray rectangle in the upper left-hand corner. I’ll have to try the fix next week.

  3. I also have the same problem in Linux (Ubuntu 8.04), with Ati and Nvidia. I commented it in the forums:

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