New Year’s Resolution and the 0.5 Tea Party

Happy New Year to everyone. I wanted to share with you the Sun Labs Wonderland team’s New Year’s resolution and also a major 0.5 milestone. First, our resolution – to hold all our staff and other team meetings in Wonderland 0.5. I am extremely happy to report that the new year is off to a great start in accomplishing this first major milestone. Here’s an image of our first staff meeting of the year held yesterday entirely in a 0.5 test world:

First staff meeting in Wonderland 0.5

Can you see me? I’m the blue teapot :-) Admittedly, it was a bit difficult to figure out who was who given that neither the new avatars or the avatar name tags are in place yet. Nonetheless, 11 of us met for an hour, got through our whole meeting agenda, and ran into a fairly minimal set of problems considering this was the first gathering of this size. The most severe problem was losing audio all together when trying to place an outgoing phone call (you might not recognize the virtual phone in it’s current wireframe sphere shape), but Joe was able to quickly restore the voice bridge to an operational state. We also experienced audio breaking up from time to time, which seemed to be due to server load problems which are currently being tracked down. Our two work-from-home meeting participants experienced some network problems, which are also being investigated.

That said, there were some big successes. Bernard and Joe installed the Audio Recorder, our first non-core module to be ported from 0.4. We all gathered around it to try it out. It worked like a charm. Not only that, but using Jordan’s new Cell Palette, accessible from the in-world Tools menu, we were able to dynamically add additional Audio Recorders to the world.

Adding a new cell

The most fun, however, was being able to move objects around in the world. Jordan placed three simple movable objects randomly in the scene:

Three moveable objects Move context menu item

To test the new move tool, I set myself the challenge of trying to stack the three objects neatly on top of one another. To do this, I right-clicked on the cylinder to get the context menu. It only contains the "Move" command so far. I selected Move to get the move controls.

Move controls Moving sphere into place

Using these, I positioned the cylinder on the floor. Then I moved the sphere. It turns out that the move controls also work as positioning guides. When the green arrows were on top of one another, I knew I had the objects centered properly. Next I moved the cone into place, again using the green arrows to help with alignment.

Moving cone into place Tower of objects

Using the Esc key (only a temporary UI), I hid the move controls and then walked around to the other side to see how I did in terms of alignment. Not too bad! As a final challenge, I added another audio recorder into the world and positioned it on top of my tower.

Moving the audio recorder Audio recorder on top of tower

If you decide to try any of this for yourself, please note that you’ll need to build the system from source code and that this version only supports the A, S, W, D keys for navigation. Use right-mouse-drag to turn and to look around. The arrow keys will be supported again as soon as the new avatars are in place, hopefully in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the new default Wonderland world which will finally show off the advanced graphics features. It’s coming along quite nicely with a combination of outdoor and indoor spaces.


3 Responses to New Year’s Resolution and the 0.5 Tea Party

  1. Morris says:

    Could you publish the setup necessary to allow access through firewalls?

  2. Jordan says:

    Yes, I’ll write up a tutorial on it shortly. In brief, none of the network ports have changed from 0.4. To configure the network ports, you can use the web admin interface directly. If you click "Edit" next to each server component, you should be able to edit the properties.

  3. Jordan says:

    Just a small comment:
    > Use right-mouse-drag to turn and to look around
    Since Nicole has written this blog, we changed this to Shift right-click to look around. Right-click (no shift) will bring up the context menu.

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