Thankful for Community…. and Cake!

On this eve of the US Thanksgiving holiday, there is a lot in the world that’s unsettling, but fortunately the Wonderland team has much to be thankful for. We love our work, we are surrounded by people who are both smart and caring, and we feel the excitement of helping to invent the future. But at the top of our list of things to be thankful for is our community.

We knew from early on that we had the best open source community, but this week has surely confirmed it. Several days ago, Wonderland made it to the top position in the Popular Forums list on

Wonderland most popular forum

In addition, a number of community members who have started exploring the Wonderland 0.5 code base have posted encouraging comments about the new system. After working heads-down for the past few months, we find this feedback highly motivating and we deeply appreciate the time spent to share these kind words.

But I also want to share one act of kindness that has had an impact on not only our team, but on many of our colleagues as well. Just the other day, we received a delivery of cake. Not virtual cake, but real-life delicious, fresh, sweet, cake.

iSocial cakeNo one we’ve talked to at Sun has heard of any other project that has received a thank-you cake from a member of their open source community. The cake story has been spreading around Sun, bringing amazing smiles to people’s faces. The cake story has become an antidote to financial turmoil and unsettling news. It’s a story that reminds us to be thankful for all the great people that surround us every day.

So on behalf of the Wonderland core team, I’d like to say thanks to all of you for helping to make the Wonderland community the world’s best open source community.

 Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. As much as we are grateful to the iSocial team for sending us the cake, if you have the urge to give us a gift, we ask that you create it in Wonderland so that everyone on the team can share the pleasure equally (not that I’m feeling guilty or anything that only the east coast members of the team actually got to eat any of the cake!).


2 Responses to Thankful for Community…. and Cake!

  1. Mike says:

    I suppose that a 0.5 feature request for "supports distributed tasting of pastries across high-latency WAN links" would be pretty much out of the question. :-)

  2. Nicole Yankelovich says:

    Don’t underestimate the creativity of the developers in the Wonderland community!

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