Project Wonderland Technical Overview Video

Earlier this month, Jordan wrote about our machinima experiences. Now you can see the results in the new Project Wonderland Technical Overview video. This 8-part video highlights 9 different Wonderland community projects and features all 8 of the Wonderland core team members in Sun Labs.

Thumbnail from Technical Overview videoIn the first segment, aimed at a non-technical audience, I take you on a tour of 4 education and 3 business-related Wonderland virtual worlds.  Jonathan Kaplan then provides an overview of the Wonderland version 0.4 architecture and sets the stage for Jordan Slott’s discussion of extensibility, Joe Provino’s description of audio features, Deron Johnson’s explanation of Xll application sharing, and Nigel Simpson’s account of collaboration-aware applications. The last two segments of the video are devoted to version 0.5. Paul Byrne first provides an overview of the new 0.5 architecture, including two community projects slated for inclusion, and Doug Twilleager ends the program with a preview of the new graphics and avatars systems.

I want to add special thanks to the 9 early adopters in the Wonderland open source community who were willing to share video footage with us to include in this production.These include four education projects:

  • Barcelona Memories, Great Northern Way Campus
  • Virtual Northstar, St. Paul College
  • iSocial, University of Missouri
  • Molecule Visualization, Free University of Berlin

Three business-related projects:

  • ProjectVS, Applied Minds
  • Virtual Academy, VEGA
  • 6th Space, Malden Labs

And two significant enhancements to the Wonderland environment:

  • WonderDAC (discretionary access control), Tim Wright
  • Scripting, Morris Ford

I look forward to compiling another Community Showcase to feature the great virtual worlds and new Wonderland features that many others of you are working on now.


3 Responses to Project Wonderland Technical Overview Video

  1. Thank you for the mention!
    Keep up the great work!
    We believe.

  2. Komik Video says:

    Komik Video, Thanks for the report Ed. It was great meeting you!

  3. video says:

    great ! this version very good

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