Foundations for a new Whiteboard

In addition to the work undertaken by our interns in Burlingon to create a new virtual team room in Wonderland (as described in last week’s blog), we’ve had the pleasure of working with an intern based in the UK, James Barratt. James worked on a couple of topics: providing a feature to web-upload documents for sharing with shared applications such as OpenOffice; and creating the foundations of a new whiteboard, based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). We asked James to give us some background to the whiteboard; here’s his blog:

A new whiteboard application has been developed for Wonderland, which aims to improve upon the existing whiteboard by using the SVG standard, which promises many new capabilities.

Its current functionality, as demonstrated in the following video, allows multiple users to draw text, lines and basic shapes, which may be filled. It is also possible to select individual elements, which can then be moved to a new location or removed from the whiteboard entirely.

In SVG, text, lines and shapes are represented as XML elements, which have various attributes. The ease with which these attributes can be changed provides great scope for future manipulation, including resizing, changing colour and adding transparency. SVG also enables Elements to be grouped.

Using SVG also means the state of the whiteboard could be saved and opened at a later time, or used elsewhere, perhaps displayed on a web page.

To view a video of the new SVGWhiteboard in use within Wonderland please go here,

The source code for the SVG whiteboard is available in the Wonderland Modules Incubator project on


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