Wonderland 0.4 Released!

After more than 8 months of work, the Wonderland team is happy to announce our 0.4 stable release. You can find the release here:

Download Wonderland 0.4

This release is focused on adding new applications and capabilities to the existing Wonderland platform, including:

  • New multi-user applications: PDF viewer, video player, VNC viewer
  • Enhanced audio connectivity with dial-out and dial-in
  • Web based administration, including a web-based world builder
  • Major stability improvements, especially in larger worlds and with shared applications

As the 0.4 release manager, I’d like to personally thank the team for their hard work and endless testing to track down those last few complicated bugs. I’d also like to thank the community for their invaluable feedback through the process.  Of course, the best reward is seeing all the cool things people are doing with Wonderland!


One Response to Wonderland 0.4 Released!

  1. Minh Hoang says:

    I attended a techtalking lastweek about Wonderland. Though the first releases have not provided nice graphics, Wonderland is impressive

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