Wiki: Redesign

While giving demos of Wonderland at JavaOne 2008, one of the common requests I heard was for more documentation about Wonderland. So, as a first step towards that I just posted a redesign of our wiki site (here). You can see that it’s organized around four different (and perhaps overlapping) kinds of folks that would use Wonderland: end users, system administrators, content developers, and developers. (I posted a description of each of these roles here). I hope this makes it much easier to find the information you are looking for.

And my next task is to get to work writing some more documentation — I’m already working on a tutorial that describes how to create new cell types in Wonderland (the main mechanism to extend its functionality). After that, I’m gonna concentrate on some more installation/configuration tutorials. But of course — I can always be influenced, so leave a comment if you really would like to see documentation in some particular area.


2 Responses to Wiki: Redesign

  1. Tom Poe says:

    I’m running FC8, soon to be FC9. I’m also upgrading video card to be able to meet minimum requirements for the project.
    Will it be possible to create an account somewhere and join a class to learn how to create a virtual world?

  2. Jordan says:

    Hi Tom,
    We don’t yet have classes on Wonderland, so the best place to learn about the platform is at our wiki site:

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