JavaOne 2008: Day 1

The first day of JavaOne is the exhausting one.  We arrived to finish our setup at 8am and gave demos straight through until after the pavilion closed at 8pm.  As tired as we all are, we had a great day.  Everyone we talked to was enthusiastic about Wonderland, and having third party demos (including our competition winners) in our community showcase was a great way to show off how well our community is developing.

In addition to all the demoing, we also managed to give two talks.  Nicole and Nigel described the community demos in a talk at the community corner (slides).  Paul and I presented a technical session, focused on how to extend Wonderland (slides).  I’ve posted links to the slides here, but both sessions were also recorded.  When the recordings become available, we’ll post an update.

Tomorrow we need to remember to take more pictures!  I’ll leave you with this, which is one of the many printed postcards we’ve handed out to people interested in Wonderland.

Application sharing postcard



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