I managed to get an early prototype of Embedded Swing working in Wonderland

With the help of Igor Kushnirskiy, and also Kevin Rushforth, I’ve managed to get a prototype of Embedded Swing running inside Project Wonderland. This allows Swing lightweight components to be textured onto 3D objects.

Here is a snapshot of a working copy of part of the SwingSet2 TableDemo (with a friendly avatar nearby). But this still shot can’t adequately convey the excitement I felt when I actually was able to scroll and manipulate the app! There are still some bugs and some performance issues but it is definitely another real-life validation of the Embedded Swing project. This will mean that developers will have access to Swing’s 2D GUI power at their disposal when writing 2D and 3D share-aware apps in Wonderland.

Here is the link to the snapshot:

This work is currently planned to be productized in Release 0.5.

Updated: to add the image in-line.


3 Responses to I managed to get an early prototype of Embedded Swing working in Wonderland

  1. mbien says:

    is it based on the JMonkeyEngine’s swing integration feature or is it a different approach?

  2. Deron Johnson says:

    It is an entirely new method. The Sun Swing team is providing a new piece of code called Embedded Swing which lets programmer’s control where a lightweight swing component is rendered (in my case, into a 3D texture) and it lets the programmer control how events are processed (in my case, I perform picking on the events received by the embedded lightweight component and convert the events into normal 2D AWT events.
    Embedded Swing is part of the JavaFX SceneGraph project. You can find it in scenegraph subversion repository here:
    ( to check out the sources:
    svn co https://scenegraph.dev.java.net/svn/scenegraph/branches/embedded-swing )> The project is owned by Igor.Kushnirskiy@Sun.COM. Note: the project is still very new so the documentation is still very sparse.

  3. mbien says:

    thats awesome! I will look into it soon.

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