What’s up with Wonderland 0.5?

One of the great things about last week’s Sun Labs Open House was getting to see most of the Wonderland team in person (also some good press). Yes we see each other in the virtual world all the time, but it’s still not quite the same as face-to-face.

The question I was asking everybody was “what’s up with Wonderland 0.5?” While we are in the process of stabilizing, documenting and releasing Wonderland 0.4, much of the team has moved on to the new code. Here are some of the things I learned:

We are all getting up to speed with JMonkey Engine. I’ve tried out some of the tutorials and built a cool racing game. Paul and Justin have teamed up to try out the Wonderland artwork in JME, imported via Collada. As the screenshot below shows, it worked. Yes it’s a little dark, but I was getting over 200fps!

Meanwhile, Doug and Shawn have done a deep dive into JME. Doug told us about some of the ideas they have for the updated avatar and animation system. Like all of us, they are thinking about scalability, designing the system to render hundreds of avatars in a single space. I heard from Deron that he has been working on a number of infrastructure pieces, including an updated framework for including 2D apps in the world, the all-important picker and embedding swing components in the world. And Jordan has recently ported the WFS code to the new codebase, factored out as a module so it will be easy to use in tools like the World Builder.

As for Paul and I, we spend most of our time looking at output like this:

That is our cell bounds viewer, which we are using to debug and test the new cell and communications APIs. We are currently finalizing the APIs and working with the Darkstar team to improve the scalability of the underlying implementation. These APIs will be the first to be reviewed in the community. Look out for some more reviews (hopefully including some in-world meetings) in the near future.

With all this activity, it should be a fun summer in Wonderland!


One Response to What’s up with Wonderland 0.5?

  1. T Chandler says:

    Keep up the good work! I always look forward to your blog entries to find out the new and exciting things happening with Project Wonderland. I’ve played around with 0.3 and I can’t wait to up my usage as soon as 0.4 comes out.

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