My first world builder world

The Project Wonderland World Builder is coming along quite nicely. We have finally imported some full sets of artwork, and yesterday I built my first room:

This room is a lecture hall using the “collegiate” theme. The whole process was pretty simple. First, I installed the world builder in a servlet container (I used Jetty). Then I dragged and dropped the various components of the world using my browser. Finally, I saved the world from my browser and loaded up Wonderland pointing at the room that I had built. Here’s how it looks in Wonderland:

The art has improved even since I took this screen shot. Overall, I was very happy with the process. In just a few minutes I was able to layout a lecture hall that we are now using in demos.

We have big plans for the world builder, and lots of improvements to make along the way. Most importantly, we want to let the artists in the community contribute themes that people like me (a programmer and definitely not an artist) can assemble into buildings and rooms. We’ll be posting a tutorial soon on how to add your own themes to the world builder. Stay tuned!


3 Responses to My first world builder world

  1. michel says:

    Very promising!
    This will lead many of us to build new worlds/places/spaces with this user-friendly approach.
    In this perspective, one could be interested to look at the following paper: "Architecture and the Internet: Designing places in Cyberspace":

  2. rokham fard says:

    Can someone please tell me if I can get a hold of "world builder" in any way or not? If not, what software can I use to create my virtual world/room on top of the Wonderland project?
    Are there instructions on how to create a world and deploy it on the wonderland server?
    I like to create my own world and see how the experience of creating your world and using it is.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. The World Builder is currently available as part of the Wonderland daily build, so if you have developer skills, you can download, build, and install it. That said, it’s still in a preliminary state without much artwork available. In the next few weeks, there will be a tutorial available that will explain how to use Maya or Blender to create content that is compatible with the World Builder. We are hoping that those of you who are artistically inclined will create some publicly available artwork for the rest of us.
    In the mean time, the HowTo section of the Wonderland wiki explains how to get content into Wonderland using Blender:

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