Postcard from Wonderland

It’s great to have a new place to talk about all of the great things that are happening in Wonderland!

To start things off, we thought we’d introduce ourselves with a team photo. So, here’s the Wonderland team in our favorite meeting space, MPK20!

Project Wonderland team photo

Our team is growing fast, and we’ve added two new members, Jordan and Doug, since this photo was taken.

We’re also introducing a cool new way for you to keep track of Wonderland. We’ve set up a flickr account where we’re going to upload “Postcards from Wonderland”. We thought it would be neat if we could take snapshots of what we’re up to in Wonderland and publish them. We’ll post these postcards in this blog, but in the meantime you can check out our current list of postcards here:

We’d love to see postcards from your Wonderland travels, so send us your photos and we’ll publish postcards for you!

You might have read that we have a really great new feature in Wonderland, movie recording. Now you can make a movie of your travels in Wonderland. In our 0.4 release we’ll also have a collaborative video application, so you can watch movies too. I’ve spent a lot of time watching movie trailers while developing this feature! All of this got me thinking…perhaps we could convert the movie recorder into a camera, so you could take snapshots in-world and automatically upload them to our flickr account? Talk about the ultimate digital camera! So, Wonderland community, how about taking up this challenge and building Wonderland’s first virtual digital camera?


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