Welcome to Wonderland, Alice!

Welcome to Wonderblog–a blog about Project Wonderland, a freely available, 100% Java-based, open source toolkit for building 3D virtual worlds!

Wonderland not only supports 3D world content that can be assembled on-the-fly, but also includes a high-fidelity audio mixer (that talks SIP and RDP too!) and seamless integration with your 2D desktop apps. You can read more about Project Wonderland–and download both the binaries and source code, read tutorials, and participate in forums–at http://wonderland.dev.java.net.

In this blog, the folks at Sun involved in the Wonderland community will post the very latest news about the code, releases, technical tips, and live updates from conferences. Plus: a very special feature we’re calling “Postcards from Wonderland”, stay tuned for more information about that.

You’ll also be hearing a lot more from me, so let me take this opportunity to introduce myself: I’ll be joining the Wonderland team full-time in late Spring after I finish up my PhD. Some of you may recognize me from the community as the creator of WFS (Wonderland File System). You can expect lots more enhancements to WFS in future releases, and I’ll be spending much of my time interacting with the community, blogging, developing tutorials, education materials, and of course–some cool 3D worlds.

Well — enjoy this blog & feel free to post comments. Let’s head down the rabbit hole, shall we?


One Response to Welcome to Wonderland, Alice!

  1. michel says:

    Welcome (back) Jordan ! And all the best with WFS and the rest of the excellent work!

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