JavaOne 2008: The Day Before

The entire Wonderland team gathered at the Moscone Center in San Francisco today (it’s a rare event that the entire group is in one place!) setting up for tomorrow’s open of JavaOne 2008. We have two different pods: one in the Java Playground and the other in Sun booth. In the Sun pod, we’ll be demoing the latest in the MPK20 world (PDF viewer, video panorama, audio and video recording, the lecture hall, the World Builder) — see Nicole’s blog post for more. And in the Playground pod, we have integrated worlds from our Wonderland Showcase competition winners Green Phosphor and Malden Labs as well as a project planning world from Applied Minds that generates collaborative spaces from a Microsoft Project database. (You can read more about our showcase winners here).

If you are at Java One, stop on by, and don’t forget about all of the other Wonderland-related activities at JavaOne 2008.

We’ve snapped some pictures of our Java Playground pod that I’ve included below. But before you peruse those, have a look at a Business Week article that mentions Project Wonderland.

Wonderland demo setup at JavaOne Wonderland demo setup at JavaOne

Wonderland demo setup at JavaOne Wonderland demo setup at JavaOne 

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